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Welcome to the Global Climate Status Report (GCSR) page of the Space and Science Research Corporation. At this page you can order the latest GCSR available from the SSRC.

                     The Global Climate Status Report (GCSR) for March 10, 2014, Edition 1-2014, IS NOW AVAILABLE! 

The SSRC continues to provide the only US-produced independent, non-governmental, quarterly, global climate report. It is intended for government officials, educators, business and financial leaders, insurers and risk managers, agriculture experts, farmers, ramchers, commodity traders, media and weather experts, the environmental community and the average citizen who wants an unbiased, apolitical understanding of the Earth's climate and where it is going.

The GCSR gives all the essential climate status information in plain text and clearly explained charts. This gives one a quick yet comprehensive enough understanding of the Earth's climate status in order to converse with anyone on climate change from a factual basis. The GCSR provides the individual status for each of the 24 climate parameters monitored by the Space and Science Research Corporation and tells whether they are in a WARMING, COOING or NEUTRAL trend. The GCSR uses the latest satellite and ground based scientific data from the primary climate monitoring organizations around the world and also contains interesting articles and/or commentaries from leading climate researchers, geologists, solar physicists and other experts, but written in a form for anyone to grasp.

We live in a  time when the United Nations and our own US government routinely misleads us about the real causes and effects of climate change. The GCSR is the indispensable tool to have at your side when having a simple conversation with friends, making vital global business decisions, talking to government leaders about sea level rise or calling your utility company when they want to raise your rates because of CO2 emissions. Now you can have at your disposal all you may need to understand and discuss the truth about the Earth's climate status - the Global Climate Status Report.

Don't be caught discussing the climate without the critical facts available to you in the Global Climate Status Report, especially the long range climate prediction for the next thirty years.

The GCSR is authoritative, comprehensive, current, and is from a leading climate research organization with one of the best track records for successful major climate predictions in the US.  If you did not know that global warming ended years ago, that the Earth's oceans and atmosphere have been cooling for years, that global sea levels are about to drop steeply for decades, that mankind's CO2 emissions have little or no significant impact on climate change or that a potentially dangerous new cold climate epoch has already started - then you need the Global Climate Status Report - NOW!

Click on the "Add to Cart" button below to download your own personal copy of the new Global Climate Status Report for just $8.95.  Call for corporate or group rates. 

For those who do not wish to use our PayPal payment services with the button below, or wish to receive a bound copy of the Global Climate Status Report please send a check for $24.62 payable to "SSRC' at the following address:

P.O. Box 607841 Orlando, FL 32860. Write "GCSR" in the memo line of your check and please make sure your return address is included. 

For those who wish to make a donation (non-deductible) to the SSRC and its mission, please go to our Donations page at this site. Thanks Again. 


Here is what others are saying about the GCSR:

“Whether it’s global sea levels or the next climate change to a long cold epoch, the Global Climate Status Report is an exciting document for university libraries as well as schools and ordinary people wanting to find real observational facts instead of lobbying illusions.”
                                                                                 Dr. Nils-Axel Morner
                                                                                 World Renown Global Sea Level Expert

“The correlation between cold climate periods and major earthquakes and volcanic activity is quite strong. The Global Climate Status Report is the only US published climate report that covers this relationship and otherwise provides for the world’s citizens a clear statement of the Earth’s climate status, where the data is not colored by politics.”
                                                                                 Dr. Dong Choi, Australia
                                                                                 Director of Research
                                                                                 International Earthquake and Volcano Prediction Center

“As Co-Editor of the GCSR, I believe this report is giving everyone what they have needed for years – an authoritative fact based non-political coverage of the planet’s climate using numerous parameters for measurement. I am proud to be part of this important document that allows both scientist, educator or the average person a chance to understand what is happening with the Earth’s climate and why.”
                                                                                  Dr. Ole Humlum
                                                                                  Professor of Physical Geography
                                                                                  University of Oslo, Norway

 “Mr. Casey and the team at the SSRC give the average citizen the truth about climate change which sadly, we cannot get from our own government. Most importantly, we need to understand what is going to happen in this new cold climate brought on because of the Sun entering its ‘hibernation’ phase. The GCSR is the only climate report that the people can go to get the truth.”    
                                                                                   Mr. Bob Knox, President, American Citizen’s League

“The SSRC continues to be a shining light of truth about the Earth’s climate and more importantly where it is going to be decades from now. For example, there is no other climate research organization in the United States that is dedicated to telling us the truth about the coming cold climate and the need to prepare for it. If anyone, especially in the media or government wants to know the climate status of our planet there is only one reliable source, the Global Climate Status Report. If anyone wants to write an accurate article on the Earth’s climate, they better have the GCSR at their side.”  
                                                                                   Dr. Rich Swier, Citizen Journalist (drrichswier.com), Editor e-Magazine.

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